Environmental sensing in the wild

The NOxDROID project lets citizens participate in the monitoring of air pollution of their own city by recording environmental data. The recording is done by a device consisting of sensors attached to a IOIO board recording air pollution, time, location. The IOIO board interfaces with an android app on a smart phone, which stores the collected environmental data. Furthermore the collected environmental data can be uploaded to a website where pollution levels are overlayed on a map of Copenhagen.

The android app is open source and can freely be downloaded from our repository at google code. 

The project paper can be downloaded here

The referenced interviews from test persons are available here 

A powerpoint presentation of NOxDROID can be download here 

If you wish to participate actively by collecting environmental data please send us an email at info[at] 

NOxDROID is made by Pelle Krøholt, Stine Hartmann Bierre and Andreas Bok Andersen. All are students at the IT University of Copenhagen taking Pervasive Computing fall 2011.